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Celebrate the New Cycle

A unique and magical energy to slow down and celebrate the beginning of the new year.

You are our guest to enjoy a season of good vibes at Praia do Rosa, one of the most charming and beautiful boutique hotels in Brazil.

reveillon 2024


Included in the package

Together, we will redefine the way we appreciate the most anticipated date of the year and celebrate the start of 2024.

On the night of December 31st, guests are invited to celebrate the New Year's Eve in a special and memorable way.

Included in the New Year's Eve package is a buffet with a variety of special dishes prepared by our team and finished with traditional homemade desserts specially crafted by the owner of Boutique Hotel Caminho do Rei, as well as one bottle of your choice of Brut, Demi-Sec, or Moscatel sparkling wine.


Do you accept children? Yes! Children are welcome at our boutique hotel. Please check the availability of accommodations.

What is the nearest airport? There are two options for airports near Praia do Rosa: Florianópolis Airport (FLN) located approximately 95km to the north and Jaguaruna Airport (JJG) also located approximately 95km to the south of the boutique hotel. If you wish, you can request taxi service in advance from our receptionists (additional fee applies).

Is it all-inclusive? No, our boutique hotel has an exclusive restaurant that opens in the summer for guests, but meals are charged separately, except for breakfast which is included and the New Year's Eve dinner.

Is it Pet Friendly? We do not accept pets at our boutique hotel.

Do the chalets have kitchens? Our chalets do not have kitchens.

Will there be a New Year's Eve party with music at the boutique hotel? No. On the night of December 31st, we will only offer a special New Year's Eve dinner. If you wish to celebrate the New Year at a party, Praia do Rosa is very famous for the Virada Mágica event, as well as other attractions in the area.

For more questions and information, we are at your disposal!

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