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Praia do Rosa is part of the Club of the Most Beautiful Bays of the World.

Praia do Rosa is perfect for gathering friends and family. The region offers wonderful places to enjoy rest and leisure in all seasons of the year, mixing the rustic with the sophisticated in high quality and comfortable accommodation and excellent cuisine catering to the most varied palates. Naturally beautiful, Praia do Rosa is a perfect place to enjoy life's pleasures.

Enjoy the hospitality and keep nature preserved!

Pescadores Praia do Rosa


Rosa beach was discovered in the 70's by surfers

The exuberant nature of Praia do Rosa persists in remembering the old fishing village discovered by surfers in the 70's. Today, it is still possible to cross a ox cart along the way, or visit a fishing heron shed, or a hundred-year-old mill of manioc flour in full operation. The days at Praia do Rosa provide contemplation of life in harmony with nature. A place where life happens away from the big cities.


The tradition of fishing was transmitted from father to son

Porto Novo, known as Portinho do Rosa, located in the southern part after Praia do Rosa, is a journey through local tradition. While the cattle graze quietly, at the top of the hill the watchman holds his hand "It's the sign that has Mullet in sea rocks - Take the canoe from the ranch and let loose in the sea, the boss ordered to surround." In the mold of the ancient fishermen, artisans of the sea, who took their livelihoods from fishing, the Stoning Fence takes place in the autumn months - from May to July, when tons of artisanal fish are dragged to the beach by fishermen. Residents and tourists help in pulling the net "from hand to hand and each one wins his share".

Watch the video to see the ancient fishermen in Portinho Beach
Listen the music "Tem Tainha", of Raul Ellwanger:


Austral Right Whale Season, from June to November

Praia do Rosa is part of the Southern Right Whale Route (Eubalaena Australis) - From June to November they migrate on an incredible journey of more than 7,000 km, from Antarctica to the coast of Santa Catarina, where they find the perfect shelter for mating, parturition and development of the pups. During this period, the Atlantic Ocean becomes the nursery of the species, characterized by the set of calluses on the top and sides of the head, which allows individual recognition of the Whales. The majestic females can reach over 17 meters and 60 tons. This spectacle boosted the growth of the so-called Whale Watching Tourism. The Right Whale Route integrates the municipalities of Garopaba, Imbituba and Laguna.

Visit the website for more informations about the Right Whales in Praia do Rosa:

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