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Accessible from the top of Praia do Rosa hill via the Caminho do Rei trail or from Portinho Beach (South corner of Praia do Rosa), the Luz Beach is sought after by families and couples. It is also very popular with surfers, kitesurfers and windsurfers. It has about 2km of firm sand and lots of nature in all its surroundings.

Luz Beach does not have an infrastructure of bars, restaurants and showers.

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Pescadores na Lagoa de Ibiraquera


One of the most sought after beaches in the region by tourists, either for its natural beauty and unforgettable late afternoons, or for its good infrastructure of bars and restaurants. Lagoon of Ibiraquera is yet another spectacle in itself, and welcomes many people of all ages to rest in its calm waters in the summer months. ​ A phenomenon that happens 1 or 2 times a year is the opening of Barra de Ibiraquera, where Lagoon of Ibiraquera is connected to the sea at Ibiraquera Beach to empty its volume. This event attracts fishermen in search of fish and many curious tourists. ​

It is internationally known for the sailing sports practiced here, such as kitesurfing and windsurfing, in addition to surfing.


The meaning of the name Vermelha Beach comes from the color of the sand which, as seen in the ravines, has a more orange/reddish color than most beaches in the region of Imbituba and Garopaba. It is a beach that has access only by trails, so it is quieter and more deserted than most other beaches. For those looking for peace and quiet, this is the ideal beach!

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They say that the origin of the name of this beach is due to its shape, one ear, as the two shores protect the cove and make it perfect for bathers, surfers and hikers and bikers. There is no infrastructure of bars, restaurants and showers, only street vendors. There is a large free parking lot a few meters from Ouvidor Band the interesting thing about this place is to notice the ancient rock inscriptions on the stones in the north corner of the beach!

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